Zimpler Mobile Casinos

With technological advancements, human beings have managed to make every single aspect of their lives easier. Brick and mortar casinos were established, years later patrons could access them on their desktops and now you can play your favourite game on your mobile device. The same case applies to the payment methods used in the casinos. People used liquid money to buy casino chips, then cam electronic cash and now iGamers can pay directly from their mobile devices. This Zimpler mobile casino payment review will take you through all you need to know about the mobile payment method.

Founded in 2016, this Swedish mobile payment method has been tailor-made for players that access their favourite games via mobile. Whats more, players can make Zimpler casino games payments in a number of currencies including the Euro and the Sterling Pound. The developers of the payment method have worked tirelessly to ensure that players have a seamless experience while using the method.

Zimpler As Deposit Method For Mobile Casino

With constant development and debugging, Zimpler is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after mobile payment methods. The first step you should take towards using Zimpler as a deposit method is looking for a Zimpler casino. These are the casinos that use Zimpler as one of their payment methods. New players also have a chance of claiming a Zimpler casino bonus in some of these casinos simply by making a deposit using this payment method. Next, you are required to decide whether to use a card or a bill to make your payments and Zimpler will do the rest for you.

The Best Zimpler Android Mobile Casinos

Android users have access to the Zimpler app and they can use it to make payments to their favourite casino. All you need to do to set up Zimpler as your payment method is first of all head over to the Google Play Store and download the app. Next, head over to a Zimpler gambling casino of your choice and you can also use the app to claim a Zimpler casino sign up bonus. Some of the popular casinos that offer Zimpler can be accessed via an Android device through a web browser as well as a dedicated app if the casino has one. A few examples include the likes of Karamba Casino, Casumo and BGO Casino.

  • Karamba Casino
  • Casumo Casino
  • BGO Casino

Top Zimpler iOS Mobile Casinos

The same case applies to iOS users and they can make a casino payment Zimpler using the dedicated iOS app. The same procedure can be used to create an account on an iPad as well as on an iPhone. For a seamless experience with online Zimpler casinos, it is wise to have the latest casino version or web browser installed on your iOS device. Zimpler also uses text messages to notify players of the offers they may have concerning casinos as well as information on processed payments.

Players based in the United Kingdom can use Zimpler casino UK to create a sort of barrier between the casino they are playing at and their bank accounts. Although most casinos are pretty secure, you can never be too careful when it comes to your banking information. In simple words, Zimpler acts as a protective barrier between your bank and your casino.

Will The Deposit Method Be The Same As The Withdrawal Method?

One of the objectives of playing in an online casino is to walk away with some winnings. Zimpler mobile offers a convenient method to deposit cash in a casino and the same can be done when it comes to making a withdrawal. While at a casino that accept Zimpler, withdrawals really depend on the casino. Some casinos offer more deposit methods than they do withdrawals and the main reason for this is the bulk of processing the payments. With fewer withdrawal methods, they can quickly process payments and thus reduce the load on both their servers and their staff.

When it comes to the withdrawal times, the processing takes a bit longer when compared to deposits. This is because the casinos need to secure your payment as well as make sure that it is going to the right person. Once the payment is released and cleared by the casino, it only takes a matter of minutes for the payment to go through Zimpler and straight into your bank account. While making withdrawals, you are not subject to any fees as long as you stay within the limit that has a minimum of £10 and maximum of £2,000.

Safety In Zimpler

Safety is one of the top reasons that the payment method was developed in the first place. Players are always at risk in terms of their banking information falling into the wrong hands and Zimpler prevents this from happening. The payment method adds an extra layer of safety on top of the encryption and firewalls used by the online casinos. This ensures that no third parties have access to your information and you are kept safe from both theft and fraud. What’s more, the payment service allows you to make transactions anonymously to online casinos.

Pros Of Using Zimpler

Thanks to the development and design of Zimpler, the app is really easy to use. You can create your new account in a few minutes and you can make a casino deposit in even less time. The method is also very secure and players are assured the safety of their payment information while using the service. On top of that, the service works globally and is not only limited to Europe.

One of the most important features that Zimpler has is the ability to limit your bankroll. This allows you to manage your funds and you will be able to track how much you use in gambling. Increasing or lowering your gambling budget is quite easy and all you need to do is send an email to the support team and they will do so within a week.