Reef Run Slot Review

Reef Run is a mobile slot game that takes us on an incredible adventure in a mysterious underwater city hosting all sorts of sea animals. Though there are many underwater themed slots to be played in online casinos, Reef Run slot by Yggdrasil is a little edgier, adapting more cartoon-like characters. This is your average video slot featuring 5 reels and 20 paylines. Reef Run slot comes with several special features, which include Reef Run slot free spins, level multipliers and a ‘Golden Bet’ option. This is a highly energetic and vibrant slot game, where you will explore the depths of the ocean, and enjoy awesome graphics, with energetic game play that features impressive sort of bonuses. Reef Run slot mobile slot review shows that Reef Run Slots is a unique take on the tried and trusted underwater theme. Or, head on to a mobile casino and try it for yourself!

Quick Facts

Immerse yourself into the game to experience the enchanting world of the deep blue. The reels showcase the far-off sea world, with multi-coloured sea creatures spread along the reels. You will be encountering crabs, sea lugs, puffer fish, seahorses, and lobsters coupled with a tune of fanciful soundtrack suggestive of shells clanking together and air bubbles popping. Yggdrasil Reef Run symbols are 3D, each with its own animation when you score a win. Reef Run slot is a unique system where each of the sea creatures gets a progressively bigger multiplier for plenty of Reef Run slot big win.

Reef Run Gameplay & Symbols

Reef Run slot slot game highlights include the Level Multiplier features and the free spins, which together can increase any of your winnings. Besides, the six normal symbols have a lot to offer. They include the green puffer fish symbol, which can win you a whopping 1,000 coins when you land on a winning combination of five of them. The orange octopus symbol wins you a 200 coin prize, the angry yellow lobster symbol can make you win 400 coins and the red crab can make you win a whopping 500 coins. The two lowest paying symbols are the sea slug and seahorse symbol each paying 100 coins and 75 coins respectively. Reef Run slot casino fun for all players!

  • Level Multiplier Feature
  • Free Spins
  • Range of earning symbols

Reef Run Slot Payouts

The Free Spins and Level Multiplier feature, coupled with the symbols end up with higher payouts. Reef Run slot is an enthralling action slot with potential for impressive winnings thanks to bonus features that can trigger Free Spins. Reef Run slot has quite a solid payout ratio for each of its symbols. There is a huge gap in payout between the top symbol and the lowest symbol. The slot can be played in normal mode and in Golden Bet mode, which have different staking limits. The coin size rangers from 0.01 to 1, and you can only play 1 coin per payline. Reef Run slot offers multipliers, and due to this you can win up to 25.000 coins, which is quite incredible!

Slot Machine Bonuses

You activate the bonus feature by landing on two Wild Sea Flag symbols. The second bonus feature is activated if a pirate ship fires and sinks one of the other ships. On the second bonus feature, you have the potential to tremendously increase your winnings, which are paid out at the end of the bonus feature. On each side of the reels a cannon can electrify the reels every time you land on a winning combination, which can trigger a consecutive win. On achieving a double win, the Growth Gun can multiply the pay value of one of the symbol types.

If you win four times consecutively, the Sticky Shot locks any symbol it shoots at. If you win five times in a row, the Wild Warhead randomly fires up to three Wilds onto the reels. Don’t forget the Multiply Mortar, it is one heck of a bonus win as it has the potential to multiply your win up to a whopping 15 times. When free spins are won in the Golden bet play mode, you can choose the sea creature you think can award you the most coins, which can go to award you a mystery win of 400-25.000 coins.

Where To Play?

You can play Reef Run slot at most UK casinos, and most online casinos will also have mobile online casinos, which is easily accessed via portable devices such as smartphones and iPads. You have potential to win money playing Reef Run slot from the comfort of your sofa at home. You can play Reef Run at well-known casinoes such as Bet365, JoReels, PowerSpins, PlayFrank and Spin Rider. Gaming analysis of Reef Run slot are expertly reviewed to let you choose the gaming site that meets your gambling needs. Mobicasino UK provides useful information and criteria on casino slots like Reef Run slot.

Final Thoughts

Bubbly graphics, fun theme, combined with great game action would be enough to get anyone excited. But Yggdrasil didn’t stop at that, as it threw in some interesting bonus features for good wins. For example, the Level Multiplier feature which is activated with some free spins. The bonus wins are many, as several creatures have multipliers, which can quickly mount up every bonus win. More free spins can be collected to extend your bonus. Yggdrasil took an old slot and breathed in new 3D life to produce Reef Run. The slot has exceptional graphics and a smooth gameplay. Reef Run ticks the boxes of high stakes and high payouts, not to mention unique special features!