Mobile Scratch Cards

Mobile scratch cards are undoubtedly the easiest casino games available. The concept behind them is similar to the one applied in lottery scratch cards. As such, you buy a card and scratch the symbols to check whether you’ve won or not. Of course, if you play mobile scratch cards online, you will realize that the symbols are virtually scratched, and you can choose to uncover either one symbol at a time or all at once.

With mobile scratch cards, you are also able to set your cash denomination which you will wager. Each scratch card consists of symbols hidden underneath a set of panels. If you scratch and then land on a winning combination, you will win the prize indicated in the prize field panel, located at the top of the card.

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The Best Mobile Scratch Cards Apps And Games

A number of factors play a vital role when making a decision to join a particular mobile scratch card site to play at. First and foremost, you need to consider what you’ll receive upon signing up. Most sites will offer new players mobile scratch cards free bonus requiring no deposit before committing to buying a scratch card for real money. Other sites will offer you this bonus on your first deposit or subsequent deposits. Secondly, you need to ensure that the mobile casino you’re playing at is powered by a reputable software developer which ensures your payment information is encrypted and safe. Also, remember to download mobile casino apps which are compatible with your phone’s operating system be it Android or iOS.

  • Crazy Ball
  • Dragons Fortune
  • Pink Panther

Live Mobile Scratch Cards

While online casinos offer players a wide collection of games, many players today seek that instant gratification that comes with playing online games which include the unique mobile phone scratch cards, Jackpot slots, Blackjack and Live Roulette games among others. Consequently, many gambling mobile sites now give players an opportunity to play this kind of games, which mirrors the look and feel that live scratch tickets players have enjoyed over the years. As such, you can enjoy the alluring graphics, sounds and themes that come with online scratch cards straight from your mobile phone as you would in a land-based casino.

History Of Mobile Scratch Cards

The first lottery game was formed through a computer for the Massachusetts Lottery in 1974. However, this concept was immediately adopted by an American company named Scientific Games. In 1987, a patent was published for the scratch card, and the entire fun of playing this game began. This game became a major hit since it provided that thrill of gambling at pocket-friendly prices. With the establishment of online and mobile casinos, scratch cards made a smooth transition to the digital platform with massive success. Suddenly if you had a computer or mobile phone, you could go and play mobile scratch cards online without leaving your front door.

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How To Play Mobile Scratch Cards

Mobile scratch games are designed to be as easy as possible hence you shouldn’t worry about figuring them out. Before you play for real money, most casinos entice new players with mobile scratch cards no deposit bonus to try out scratch  cards for free. Unlike traditional casinos which require you to play for a certain amount of cash, online variations allow you to decide how much you’re willing to spend. Gameplay is simple and straightforward. In the case of mobile games, just use your finger to ‘scratch off’ and view the hidden pattern. If you’re able to match a pattern to the one in the paytable, you win instantly. The hidden patterns are formed by the random number generator once you open the game which means gameplay is fair.

Advantages Of Mobile Scratch Cards

Players have increasingly moved towards playing online scratch cards from their mobile phones. The main reason behind this is that it’s a lot easier to play them. Another advantage is that there are free mobile scratch cards available in great numbers compared to other casino games. What’s more, mobile scratch card games offer high payouts. As such, many high-paying card gamers don’t mind purchasing cards of higher denominations or multiple cards just to increase their chances of winning big. Lastly, mobile scratch cards come in various themes depending on the site that supports them. The elements used in scratch games are in sync with the entire theme of the game.

Casinos That Support Mobile Scratch Cards

Playing mobile scratch cards is a perfect opportunity to get away from the monotony and complications of playing slots and other casino games. Examples of online casinos that provide scratch cards for mobile include Liberty Slots Casino and Win A Day Casino. These two are powered by Microgaming, a giant software provider in the casino industry. This provider is very reputable and ensures that your payment details are secure and encrypted. Also, this provider offers some of the best games in the casino industry which come with impressive graphics and smooth gaming experiences.

Winning With Mobile Scratch Cards

Each mobile scratch card comes with its unique set of winning symbols and combination. Hence, all you have to do is look out for three symbols appearing in a row of a particular icon. For instance, in Iron Man 2, you must have three reactors in a row to win either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. If luck is on your side and you happen to scratch off a winning combination from your card, you winnings are shown and added automatically to your previous total. If you fail to win, you can always get new mobile scratch cards and play again!

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Strategy And Tips

There is never a guaranteed strategy to winning at mobile scratch cards because every new card comes with new odds dependent on the random number generator. Lady luck is your partner in crime here. However, there are some tips you should consider improving your chances of winning in the long term. First, you should play mobile scratch cards for free to ascertain your device, whether an Android or iPhone is compatible with the software from mobile scratchcards sites. Also, stick to your set budget and don’t chase your loses. In gambling, winning and losing is part of the game.

Mobile Scratch Cards Developers

Many software vendors have created a collection of scratch card games which can be found in their games suite. Top of the list of mobile scratch card development is Playtech. This software provider offers players games with payouts as high as 10000 times their wager. Also, they have similar gameplay mechanics hence when choosing a Playtech scratch card; you only need to set sights on the theme. Microgaming also has a wide collection of mobile scratch cards although they tend to work differently to Playtech’s games. Betsoft Gaming offers mobile scratch cards in addition to its popular 3D slot games.

Should I Play?

If you enjoyed playing lottery tickets, chances are you will also enjoy playing mobile scratch cards. In fact, scratch cards for mobile phones come with a higher level of convenience to playing the lottery. Regardless of your location or the time of day, you can log into your mobile casino account, buy your scratch cards and reveal your winnings-it’s that easy. When playing mobile scratch cards, you have better chances of winning compared to your regular state lotto tickets given that you are playing at an online casino. The return to player rate is also higher in mobile scratch cards compared to regular lotto tickets. Lastly, the wins you get are instant and are automatically transferred to your account unlike going to the shop to claim your prize.