Mobile Keno

Keno is an old lottery-like game found in modern-day casinos, and in a way, it has a similar gameplay structure to Bingo in that players rely on a sequence of numbers to determine a win or loss. Real money mobile Keno games are playable on tablets and mobile devices, allowing players to wager on the available odds after making a pick of a maximum of 20 numbers from the available 80. Playing on the internet means that the winning sequence is picked by a random number generator (RNG) as opposed to the old-fashioned method of picking balls with numbers by the dealer, from a ball machine. We will discuss more on how to play Keno, as we revisit its history to learn more about its origin, later in the text so keep on reading.

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The Best Mobile Keno Apps and Games

There are apps that allow iGamers to practice and play Keno for free but they are not affiliated to any casino. Take for instance the Keno Keno app on the Apple Play Store, for both iPhone and iPad users, which is not affiliated to any casino whatsoever. Players can make a bet and the winning combination picked by the random number generator integrated into the app. Such free mobile Keno games are a pass time activity and even children can participate. However, there are apps from mobile casinos which list Keno as one of the games on offer to players where they can make real money bets. Some of them are the Unibet, 32Red, and Omni casinos.

Live Mobile Keno

It is possible to play live Keno on mobile, where there is a time frame or window for players to pick their numbers and wager amounts. Usually, after downloading the mobile casino of a casino which has Keno, players proceed to the play section which is basically a number sheet with approximately eight rows each with ten numbers. Depending on the casino, a player can pick a minimum of one or two numbers or a maximum of fifteen or twenty, then proceed to place a bet and the number of draws then proceed to buy the ticket while waiting for the winning numbers to be generated.

real money mobile keno games

History of Mobile Keno

The word Keno is considered to have either Latin or French roots, although all facts in history point its origin to China. As the legend has it, the game came to popularity at about the same time ancient China was in a civil war resulting from rival dynasties trying to rise to supremacy. When it became common, the then supreme ruler saw a beneficial side to the game. People gambled and eventually, the dynasty collected money from taxes and fees to fund the construction of the Great Wall of China. Today, the mobile casino Keno has scaled down from such heights in terms of its popularity.

How To Play Mobile Keno

There are few mobile Keno sites which are dedicated to teaching players on various techniques, to become a pro. In essence, there really isn’t much to skill as there is to, luck in this game. Majority of the wins are based on luck, because the winning combination is picked randomly. A player in some casinos can only pick between a maximum of 15 to 20 numbers and minimum 2, out of a total of 80. Experts translate this to an equivalent of 190 ways to draw two possible winning numbers. To win in Keno, you need to match at least two numbers and the payout table indicates how much money is won depending on these two numbers. For you to match all 20, the probability is in billions, precisely 3,535,316,142,212,173,800.00.

Advantages of Mobile Keno

The major advantage of playing Keno via mobile is that you do not need to wait for long periods to learn of the winning combination. While using the mobile app, the number table is always on-screen, and all a player has to do is to pick the numbers and place a bet while waiting for the countdown timer to wind down and subsequently display the winning numbers. Since it is automated, players do not need to confirm the win since any winning numbers on the ticket are highlighted and the money credited instantly. In brick and mortar casinos, players buy the tickets, bet and then have to wait till everybody else has also done the same before the draw. It takes hours for a single draw to take place.

Casinos That Support Mobile Keno

In the advent of technology, players moved from playing in land casinos which characteristically housed as many games as possible under one roof, to online casinos which are independent and often choose to focus on one type of game. Unfortunately, most casinos focus on table games such as Poker, or online video slots, all which have an extensive fan base and are thus profitable. Games such as Pai Go and Keno are rarely played and as such, few casinos offer them. Some casinos that offer Keno plus sign-up bonuses usable in the game are; Ruby Fortune, JackpotCity, GamingClub, and Platinum play casinos.

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Winning With Mobile Keno

For a player to win in mobile Keno, a combination of any 2 numbers out of the 20 picks must match. Different casinos have different paytables, which indicate the value of each number. In one casino, the number 10 may be worth 3, while in another casino it is worth 5. Each number also contributes to the total odds differently. The odds depend on the amount the player is willing to spend. If a player wants to play £1 on each draw, picking 40, wins £2. Alternatively, playing a £2 draw and picking 40 wins £4 per number.

Strategy and Tips

Winning in mobile Keno is a game of chance and while Mathematical experts may try and come up with a formula to increase the probability or sway it in a player’s favour, it all comes down to the criteria of picking the winning numbers. Pundits suggest that you play more than twice, just to see whether it is possible to map out a sequence of numbers that frequent the winning numbers. If it is not possible, then players should watch out for numbers that follow the winning numbers and just miss out on the list, then mix the two sets.

Mobile Keno Developers

Most of the apps based on the game are affiliated to casinos which offer the game and allow players to buy tickets and bet. There are, however, independent developers who are passionate about the game and therefore develop a game for everybody. The Keno Keno is one such app, which is available on the Apple Store and is rated as suitable for children aged 12 and above and is designed by Robert Suh. The same developer has also designed the Keno Keno Classic which is available on the Google Play Store and has the same age rating.

Should I Play?

There is no money involved in playing the Keno apps developed by Robert Suh. Players can, therefore, practice and hone their skills and understanding of the game before embarking on an adventure on any of the casino we have recommended in this text. It is a numbers game where you score points and play through different difficulty levels. It has options such as quick pick, where you do not have to pick the numbers yourself, but the app picks them for you and then all you have to do is hit the bet icon after placing coins that are an in-app purchase from the developer’s official site. Since Robert Suh isn’t registered as a gaming establishment, players use coin tokens which have no cash value except for in the game.