Mobile Bingo Sites

Mobile Bingo is among the most played casino games in the world, so it is, therefore no surprise that there are numerous sites offering the Mobile Bingo No Deposit Bonus. In the turn of the new millennium, a majority of the casinos transitioned from the land-based version to the web version. At first, the traffic was just desktop browsers until mobile devices joined the fray and are now dominating iGaming. Casinos have had to restructure their websites in such a way that they are mobile friendly. A growing trend is that most have gone the extra mile and launched apps which are customised to be effective, faster, and exclusive to the casino. With the No Deposit offer, iGamers play through the amount within the casino with the only requirement being, completing the registration process.

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The Best Mobile Bingo Apps and Games

Over the years, there have been numerous Bingo games developed and released via download portals such as the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. However, because of the strict policy barring gambling apps, they were either restricted or pulled down due to a violation of policy. Players have missed out for a long time and had to seek alternatives to find some of the games, most of which were not of the same standard. It is only until recently, August 2017, that the ban was lifted allowing the games, most of which are casino affiliated, available for download, some with offers such as the free mobile Bingo No Deposit offer.

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Live Mobile Bingo

Nowadays, it is possible to participate in Live Bingo, and particularly so on Bingo mobile. There are two ways to play it online, the first, against the casino software and the second which involves a dealer. In the first mode, players pay at the cashier section online and get their ticket. After hitting the play button, a sequence, determined by the RNG (Random Number Generator) integrated into the casino’s software displays the winning sequence. For the second version, a video feed is streamed onto the mobile device, and a pair of headphones is required to participate in the voice-chat, while the dealer picks the winning sequence from a ball machine.

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History Of Mobile Bingo

Its history goes beyond the 19th century when its popularity soared in the U.S. In the formative years, around the 16th century, in Italy, it was just a lottery game called Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia in the local dialect. It subsequently spread across Europe and during the great European immigration period in the 19th century, it was shipped to the U.S.A, where Ed Lowe, a salesman, consulted Carl Leffer, a Mathematics professor to increase the possible Bingo-card combinations to 6,000. Today, the mobile Bingo pay with phone bill option is available on sites like mFortune where the deposit amount is charged to your phone bill.

How To Play Mobile Bingo

As pundits put it, there is no amount of practice put into Bingo that can forge a winning formula. It is purely a game of luck and there is never a precise prediction on the number sequence. However, there are some tips with the most complex being Mathematical strategies such as the Tippet and Granville’s systems.With Granville’s strategy, the reasoning is that there is a balance between high value and low value, even, and odd numbers. The Tippet strategy stipulates that the longer the game, the more likely the numbers are closer to 38, which is the median while shorter games have games closer to 75 and 1. To try out these concepts, download the mobile Bingo app and get testing.

Advantages Of Mobile Bingo

The biggest advantage of mobile Bingo has to be the time factor. There is a reason why it is labelled, as a game for the old/retired folks, because the entire game moves at a snail pace. From buying the ticket to learning the winning sequence, it is a collective process that takes hours. For those who play via the official app, there is a countdown timer which regulates this time and narrows it from a couple of hours to just a few minutes. Another advantage is that while joining a new online phone casino, unlike in the land-based version, players are offered the mobile Bingo free bonus where the only requirements are to use it within the site and to register at the casino.

Casinos That Support Mobile Bingo

In the UK there are numerous casinos that have Bingo on their roster because of its extensive fanatism in the country. It is such a popular game, that players who download the casinos’ official apps qualify for the mobile Bingo UK Welcome bonus. Heart Bingo, Takeout Bingo, and mFortune are just but a few of the sites where new players do not require a cash deposit to play their first game since a No Deposit is on offer. In a site such as Aztec bingo, players receive a 400% Deposit bonus, i.e. a £20 deposit lets you play with £8

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Winning With Mobile Bingo

For a player to win on mobile phone Bingo sites, similar rules to those in a brick and mortar casino apply. A sequence of five numbers, either randomly generated by the casino software or called out by the dealer from a ball blower, must match in a pattern either vertically (column), horizontally (row), or diagonally. On a mobile app, the screen lights up with a win-icon after matching all the numbers. In a Live Bingo game, players can call ‘Bingo’ via the live-chat, although in most cases the numbers are pre-determined. In Bingo, there are only two outcomes; win or lose.

Strategy and Tips

As earlier mentioned, the two strategies, Granville’s and Tippet employ Mathematical tactics of logic. From Granville’s probability strategy based on high and low value and even and odd numbers, it is advisable for players to have equal numbers of the same as well as those that end from 1 to 9. With the Tippet statistical strategy, that centres around the median theory in lengthy games, meaning the numbers are closer to 38, and choosing those closer to 1 and 75 in shorter games. Try these tactics in different casinos and earn the mobile Bingo free signup bonus while at it.

Mobile Bingo Developers

Majority of the mobile Bingo apps are casino affiliated allowing players to indulge in, mobile bingo real money wagers unlike the games from freelance developers where you can’t bet. Some of the sites that offer their official app are; William Hill Bingo, Star Bingo, both of which only support iOS devices i.e. iPad and iPhone, while the 888ladies, mFortune Bingo, are on both the iOS and Android mobile platforms. To make an official download, visit either the Apple Store for the iOS platform or the Google Play Store if you have an Android device.

Should I Play?

You should definitely play Bingo, especially if, at first, there is no money involved in playing, take for instance at the mFortune Bingo site where there is a No Deposit offer for newly registered players. After running through this amount, there is a 100% bonus on the first deposit. The Star Bingo matches your bonus 100% on amounts up to £200, while in the Ladies888 site there is up to £888 worth of free Bingo bets for the first 3 days. With such offers, it is easy to see just how many good mobile Bingo sites are available and looking to have players sign-up and claim the attractive Welcome bonuses.