Gem Rocks

It would be impossible to talk about mobile casino slot games without mentioning Gem Rocks. Being one of the most acclaimed slot games, players get Gem Rocks free spins and the ability to play on different devices, which counts as an added bonus for the player who is constantly on the move. The 6 reel slot from Yggdrasil Gaming has 4,096 winning combinations. Should the stars align, a bet of 25p brings a windfall. This Gem Rocks mobile slot review is your go-to guide for a world made out of rocks and gems. Learn which gems you need to collect to cashout fantastic prizes as well as the fantastic bonuses and features that go to make up the delightful 96.2% RTP. Not many slot games can live up to this, so let’s dive in. Find a nice signup bonus and try it now!

Gem Rocks Review

The latest version of Yggdrasil Gem Rocks was released early in 2018 with the promise to make the ground shake and mountains move. The game is themed after a tribe of mountain gentle gem-giants who are more than willing to do the hard lifting to make gems fall for players. Winning combinations can be made on cascading wins, cluster symbols, and a win-all-ways combination gives a chance to multiply a bet by as much as 9,000. Not considering other features of the slot, Gem Rocks big win combinations makes the slot tower above the rest.

About Gameplay & Symbols

There are a few symbols to keep track off when playing Gem Rocks casino slot. The reels are made up of small square-shaped stones that hold different coloured and shaped gems. Purple diamonds, crescent-moon shaped gems, and square ambers are just some of the smaller symbols in the slot game. These typically pay out between 5 to 35 coins when they land on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th reel from the left. However, you need to keep track of the red star gem. It is typically bigger than the other gems, and it can win you anywhere between 20 to 200 coins in a single Gem Rocks slot spin.

  • Cascading reel feature
  • No conventional Wild or Scatter symbols
  • Giant symbols make it easier to claim higher wins

Gem Rocks Payouts

While there are no standard paylines on this slot machine. The slot has a total of 4,096 paylines, which means playing is not going to be boring. You can bet anything from 0,02 to 1 per payline, and that means the slot is suitable for all budgets. Gem Rocks even allows you to increase the number of coins on a wager to earn even higher rewards. The maximum bet on the slot is 50 coins making it one of the few casino slots that will not burn through your bankroll. If that got you thinking the slot cannot accommodate high rollers, you are mistaken. The many winning combinations on the slot gives a good return to players and at the same time, winnings can be multiplied by 9,0000.

Slot Machine Bonuses

The biggest attraction of the Gem Rocks slot is the Gem Rock feature. This is Yggdrasil’s version of a bonus round where two, five, or nine consecutive Dropdown Wins gives you a gem rock, which appears at the top of the reels. The gem rock gets bigger with more consecutive wins, and the biggest gem rock multiplies your winnings by 2,500. The trick is getting Dropdown Wins one after the other. Gem Rocks slot makes it easy to get consecutive Dropdown Wins by forming a winning combination in multiple ways. Any winning combination activates the Dropdown Wins feature.

Dropdown Wins replace the winning combination with empty slots that are filled with more gems for an even greater chance to make consecutive wins. New symbols keep dropping into the slot after a winning combination, bringing you closer to collecting large gem rocks. Two consecutive Dropdown Wins form a 2X2 gem rock, 5 consecutive Dropdown Wins form a 3X3 gem rock while 9 consecutive Dropdown Wins form a 4X4 gem rock, which is the biggest gem rock in the game. The key to making the large gem rock is getting a steady number of winning spins.

Where To Play?

Gem Rock plays flawlessly on multiple devices. It has inbuilt support for most popular browsers including Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, so you do not have to download an app to play it on your favourite device. This is good news, especially if you like playing on the go, as Apple’s iTunes store and Google’s Play Store started banning gambling related content on their networks. Just fire up your mobile browser and start playing Gem Rocks on an online casino. You cannot tell the difference as the game supports 16:9 resolution which adjusts to the different screens on mobile and desktop.

Final Thoughts

While mobile gaming is still in its infancy compared to established desktop and laptop gaming, Yggdrasil Gaming has done a tremendous job of making sure their latest version of Gem Rocks meets players’ ever-growing demands. The graphics are well thought out and tailored for small screens. The accompanying music adds an atmosphere to the game, and the numerous winning combinations make it rewarding for the casual and serious punter. In regard to the bonuses, Gem Rock brings a new flavour from the traditional free spins and bonus rounds. Forming a large gem rock after consecutive wins for an even bigger payout makes the slot game exhilarating, and one you will want to try out today.